ReCap from Alameda County Small Business Development Event 2/4/2015

ReCap from Alameda Country Small Business Development Meeting

Maker Stories

Local Oakland Maker, Alexandra Green, founder of Scrappy Metal Designs, recently made it to Alameda County Small Business Development’s seminar, “Marketing Strategies for Artists,” by Ann Rea, founder of Artists who THRIVE, and here’s what she had to say:

— “As soon as I got the newsletter post, I dropped what I was doing, left the studio and headed to Ann Rea’s Marketing Strategies for Artists seminar. And, I am so glad I did! Her approach to marketing targets the strengths of the creative mind. She has found a way to wield the emotion and imagination that goes into making great art, in order to apply it to selling great art.” —

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Alexandra!

Alameda County Small Business Development Center holds many FREE workshops for business owners!

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