Oakland Makers at the Impact Hub


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JUNE 2, 2014


Multidisciplinary Art Exhibit by Oakland Based Artists

Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland

OAKLAND, CA, First Friday celebration on June 6, 2014 at Omi Gallery located in Impact Hub Oakland marks the opening for the exhibit “OAKLAND MAKERS” featuring art by Oakland based artists. There will be a Impact Hub Members only reception on Thursday June 5, 2014 that offers participants an intimate, interactive experience with the art and artists. The First Friday event is free, and open to members of the public of all ages and will be held from 7pm to 10pm. Additionally, an artist talk and other related events will be held later in the month.


This is exhibit is co-curated by Pro Arts, 25th Street Collective and American Steel Studios with support from the City of Oakland and Oakland Makers, a recently formed non- profit led by Oakland artists.


The artists displaying work in the exhibit are:


Andrew Werby


Andrew studied design at UC Berkeley and coined the term “Juxtamorphic”, (from the Latin “Juxta” meaning close or nearby and the Greek “Morph” meaning shape or form) to describe using information from natural objects to create artwork that combines forms, textures, and images taken directly from Nature using molds, impressions, photographs and holograms. Andrew describes the work he will exhibit as “a sculpture carved from salvaged redwood, made using 3D scanning, haptic modeling and CNC carving. Natural objects were scanned and combined in the computer, then carved using a computer controlled machine built in our studio.”


Jeff Goodwin


jgoodwinJeff’s artwork is a stylish yet utilitarian bicycle pannier designed using a series of wood panels and metal mesh. Jeff created this work in his spare time relying on the help and shared resources of the Oakland Makers community. Jeff says “It’s taken roughly a year, three prototypes and lots of input from other makers to reach the current design. This project is representative of the Oakland Maker community and its many benefits. From refining the design to construction techniques and shop space, the panniers were only possible because I had a network of other Oakland Makers at my disposal”












Joshua Jakusd



jjakusJoshua, an architect turned product designer, founded Actual in 2006. He describes his work as provoking “thought about how common objects are made. Each piece consists of only a few basic ingredients joined together in a simple and coherent way. This directness invites people to experience, and therefore understand, the way our products are designed and constructed.” Actual is located in Oakland and partners with local manufacturers and makes its products primarily from recycled or natural materials. (Pictured: Stola Table Lamp)











Bernee Lee


bleeBernee produces original notebooks and sketchbook designs.














Emily Winston


ewinstonEmily trained as a mechanical engineer and has a love for good product design, art, architecture and craft. She works out of The Crucible in West Oakland. Her current designs feature “light sculpture . . . made from upcycled industrial glass tube waste, which would have been otherwise thrown away.”













Jennifer Ivanovich


BaDesign is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in West Oakland specializing in the creation of contemporary furnishings and spaces. The pieces in our PALLET product furniture are made from repurposed shipping pallets. Using mixed hardwoods such as oak, maple, and ash, deconstructed pallets are carefully composed into a unique, patterned surface called PALLETform.


Vanessa March


Vanessa worked with Satellite Housing, an affordable housing developer, to collaborate with residents on a photography exhibit using pinhole photography. She will display a variety of photographs and a few pinhole cameras to show her process.


Aiko Kobayashi Gray


Rael San Fratello



Hiroko Kurihara



hkuriharaHiroko Kurihara is the founding member of the 25th Street Collective a warehouse that provides individual studio space to resident members who are local artisans and creative. Hiroko Kurihara Designs is a socially responsible company that offers unique high-quality textile creations. They strive to foster conscientious consumerism, encouraging people to consider the global and local impact of all their purchasing decisions. With every item sold another is donated, one for one, to a local non-profit that works with people who are homeless.















No information given:

Nemo Gould

Alexandra Green

Lost and Foundry


Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland – a new 16,000 sf co-working multiuse space – is located at 2323 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 12PM to 6PM. Omi Gallery is wheelchair accessible and is just 4 blocks west of the 19th Street BART station.

What: First Friday Multidisciplinary Art Exhibit featuring OAKLAND MAKERS

Where: Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland –2323 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

When: Friday, June 6th 7 – 10pm

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