Oakland Makers is a nonprofit working group comprised of makers, manufacturers, educators, and economic developers working to sustain and build making and manufacturing in Oakland. We are fiscally sponsored by ProArts.

Our Mission

Oakland Makers, specializing in the industrial arts, applied technology, artisan production, custom manufacturing, and education, have galvanized as a group to:

  • Grow Oakland’s diverse economy
  • Increase the visibility of Oakland’s manufacturing and industrial arts
  • Sustain the ability of these sectors to operate and thrive

Our Main Focus Areas

  1. PEOPLE – Increase visibility and recognition of the creativity, innovation and productivity of Oakland Makers.
  2. PLACE – Enhance opportunities for Maker-space establishment and influence local decision makers by engaging in the planning process.
  3. PRODUCTS – Initiate and promote “Oakland-made” product certification and labeling;
  4. PROSPERITY – Support growth of Oakland Maker businesses and create opportunities for exploration of the creative arts, apprenticeship programs for young adults and for training in manufacturing and Maker businesses.

Contact Us

Email us at hello@oaklandmakers.org.

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